Office Technology

John Nuetzmann, DO                                               12 Bellwether Way #230, Bellingham WA 98225


For a small office, we offer a lot of services and have as much or more technology as much larger, impersonal health systems.  We use electronic medical records with features that improve care and speed up services.  This includes:

1.  Electronic prescribing.  We were one of the first offices in Whatcom county with true e-prescribing (as opposed to e-faxing).  This allows for super fast refills and less waiting at the pharmacy. However, keep in mind that your pharmacy may not be on board, which will slow down the process.  See ERx page for more details.

2.  EMR.  Our electronic medical record makes it possible to track important health information more easily that paper records.  Plus, the doctor is able to access your chart quickly in and out of the office.  
3.  Security.  Because we run on a closed in house system with multiple layers of securty, no one other than our very small staff can access your health information.  We don't have any information on laptops and have never had a security breach.  Larger health systems have literally thousands of employees and vendors who can access your personal information.
4.  Community medical record.  If you have ever had an x ray, lab test, or hospital encounter in Whatcom county, chances are we can find it.  We usually can electronically import all of your previous medical records.  We are a part of the Whatcom County Health Information Network that links local healthcare providers for improved coordination of care.  We are implementing other links to improve communication with specialists and registries with the use of our electronic records.  This is a unique functionality that works similarly to e-prescribing.  We expect to go live in 2012.
5.  Patient Portal.  We now have a patient portal allows our patients to see their medical information such as labs, x rays, medications, vaccines, and more.  Additionally, we will be able to deliver information specific to your conditions.  Please see the homepage for more details, and or ask at your next visit.

We are always looking to enhance our office with better technology to improve patient care.  As a small office, we make decisions and implement change much faster and more efficiently than larger offices and networks.  We do so in a sustainable way that doesn't increase the cost of care.