Electronic Prescribing

John Nuetzmann, DO                                               12 Bellwether Way #230, Bellingham WA 98225


Bellingham Family Medicine was one of the first local clinics to prescribing electronically in 2008.  If you receive a prescription at your office visit, it will be sent to your pharmacy of choice electronically.  It should arrive at the pharmacy instantly.  For the most part the process is much faster and safer than the old way.  However, you should know that there are significant variation in how you get and refill your prescriptions depending on how your pharmacy processes it.  As a BFM patient, the process for refilling your prescriptions is the same regardless.  Simply call the pharmacy or use their online service for refills.  Please allow up to 48 hours for us to process and respond to the request.  Any controlled medication (such as narcotics and sedatives) can not be filled or refilled by ERx due to federal law.  Therefore, these may need to be handwritten or faxed.